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Aesthetic dental

Dental aesthetics is a branch of dentistry that deals with problems related to oral harmony, with the goal of restoring a perfect smile to the patient.

Dental veneers

Veneers are a kind of “contact lens” made of ceramic and cemented on the outer surface of the front teeth, so that the aesthetics of the smile can be changed in a mini-invasive way, improving the shape and color of the teeth, without the need to devitalize them or wear them down excessively. A design is first made on the basis of photos and precision impressions, so that the final result can be verified with the patient, before proceeding with the final fabrication.

Invisible orthodontics

This is a relatively recent technique that allows teeth to be moved with customized transparent covers without the need for wires or metal attachments. The transparent aligners, made of a special transparent polymer, are responsible for moving the tooth elements each by a few millimeters using light and controlled forces, according to the design defined together with the specialist. A numbered and customized set of aligners is made for each patient based on the impressions made by the dentist.Each template is worn for two weeks and can be removed for eating and brushing teeth. The final result can be seen even before the treatment begins through the clin check, or a digital treatment schedule that virtually shows the shift that the teeth will make aligner after aligner until the set goal is reached. The duration of treatment varies depending on the case and the difficulty of the movements to be achieved, but an average treatment is about 12 months. The method is suitable for adult and adolescent patients to treat various malocclusions, such as open bite, deep bite, and crossbite, but it is particularly suitable for cases of crowding or excessive spaces between teeth.

Teeth whitening

Whitening is part of the branch of oral hygiene and can be handled by the hygienist or the dentist. It can be performed by various techniques, either home or professional, it allows teeth whitening through the use of a carbamide peroxide gel. This technique involves an examination to assess any contraindications such as the presence of restorations that are not whitened or severe tooth sensitivity due to gum recessions or the presence of very pronounced discolorations that would not be corrected by whitening alone.