Conservative dentistry

It deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental caries, the main causes of which are bacteria, oral hygiene and nutrition.

How can you see if there is tooth decay?

Tooth decay initially develops with a small erosion of the superficial enamel and then reaches into dentin, the internal tissue of the tooth, and if not treated in time can reach the pulp, the nerve of the tooth, resulting in pain and the need to proceed with root canal therapy or devitalization of the tooth. For this very reason, it is important to diagnose caries when it is still in its early stages: the most accurate method is to take two small x-rays of the teeth (byte wing) that allow the dentist to detect caries between teeth, in the places where the teeth touch, which are otherwise barely visible to the naked eye.

How do we treat tooth decay?

If cavities are present they are removed, the damaged tissue cleaned, and the tooth reconstructed with white aesthetic composite material. In cases where the caries is very extensive or an old, very extensive metal filling needs to be replaced, composite or ceramic inlays are used to ensure a reconstruction that is more resistant to chewing loads. In order to properly perform aesthetic fillings or restorations, isolation of the tooth with a rubber cloth is of paramount importance, allowing work in a dry field, which is necessary to ensure proper adhesion of the filling to the tooth and thus long-term success.

Rubber protective cloth

It is a latex drape of fundamental importance for isolating teeth during various therapies: conservative, endodontic, and adhesive cementation of prosthetic restorations. It consists of a drape, a hook to stabilize it to the tooth, and a metal bow to hold the drape taut. This instrument provides better field visibility, prevents accidental ingestion of instruments or chemicals, ensures a dry field necessary for proper adhesion of restorations, prevents contact of saliva or blood on the tooth, and prevents bacterial contamination of the treated tooth.