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Dental prostheses

Sometimes teeth suffer such extensive damage that they cannot be salvaged.
Missing one or more teeth results in alterations in chewing function and aesthetics.

Fixed dental prosthetics

Fixed prosthetics on natural teeth: veneers, crowns, bridges, inlays.
Fixed prosthetics on implants:

Single tooth screwed or cemented on implant;

Two or more elements: bridges screwed onto implants;

Whole arch or Toronto denture attached by screws to underlying implants.

Mobile dental prosthetics

Total removable prosthesis (denture): patient-removable mucosa-supported devices. Partial removable denture (skeleton): patient-removable devices anchored by hooks or precision attachments to residual teeth or roots in the arch that serve as an abutment. Removable prosthesis on implants (overdenture): gingivally supported removable prosthesis that is made more stable by taking advantage of an implant anchorage.